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    The Oceans of Data Institute (ODI)

    is dedicated to transforming education to help people succeed in school, work, and life in a data-intensive world.

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    Zoom In! Learning Science with Data

    Building high school students’ data skills using authentic Earth Science and Life Science data sets.

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  • Ocean Tracks Interface
    Ocean Tracks

    Web-based visualization and analysis tools to create active learning experiences for students.

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    Creating Pathways for Big Data Careers

    Profiling the work of the "Data Practitioner" to inform Community Colleges' big data courses and programs.

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    Real World, Real Science:

    Using NASA data to explore weather and climate

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  • EDC Earth Science curriculum
    EDC Earth Science

    A curriculum that explores current and compelling questions using authentic data.

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What's Happening

ODI's Randy Kochevar has been invited to take part in the NEREID Earth-Space Data Convergence Workshop next week (November 21-22) at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. The workshop will... Read more
Zoom In: Learning Science with Data (ZiSci) is recruiting teachers to test our biology lessons. The lessons focus on polymorphism, population divergence and trophic cascades. We are asking teachers... Read more
Zoom In: Learning Science with Data (ZiSci) is recruiting teachers to test our Earth science lessons. The lessons focus on plate tectonics, exoplanets and climate change. We are asking teachers to... Read more



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