Real World, Real Science: Using NASA Data to explore Weather and Climate

This NASA-funded collaboration with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) builds on the success of GMRI’S existing LabVenture! Program to create new learning experiences focused on exploring the effects of climate change in and around the Gulf of Maine. Educators and students will be able to interact with authentic NASA and NOAA data to study the effects of the Earth’s changing climate on the animals and plants of Maine’s diverse habitats.

The grant has allowed GMRI to completely re-design the LabVenture! learning experience, that will not only be part of the interactive touch tables at GMRI, but will also be made accessible to visitors in other science centers in Maine and nationwide. 

This project has also supported the creation of new classroom-ready curriculum modules, including a LabVenture recap, an intro to data science called “Shape of Change, as well as 6 habitat lessons:

  • Oceans
    • Whales and Copepods
    • Lobster and Black Sea Bass
  • Forests
    • Ticks and Lyme Disease
    • Lynx and Hare (in development)
  • Freshwater
    • Ice Out
  • Fields
    • Potatoes (In development)

These materials are currently being piloted in 5th and 6th grade classrooms around Maine, and will soon be available through the LabVenture website.

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