Ocean Tracks: College Edition Modules

These modules were developed to engage undergraduate students with authentic scientific data through investigations that mirror those currently being conducted by scientists studying the broad-scale effects of climate and human activities on top predators in ocean ecosystems. Using the Ocean Tracks interactive map and data analysis tools, students will explore and quantify patterns in the migratory tracks of marine animals in the northern Pacific Ocean and relate these behaviors to fluctuations and trends in physical oceanographic variables.

Modules include:
Interpreting Patterns in Ocean Tracks Data, Connecting Productivity and Tuna Migration, Exploring Physiology of Highly Migratory Ocean Predators, The Making of Biological Hotspots, Using Foraging Data to Determine the Sex of Elephant Seal 302, and Proposing a New Marine Protected Area

Explore these modules and the Ocean Tracks Interface at http://oceantracks.org/curriculum/undergraduate.

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