2020 Innovation of the Year Award

Paul Hansford and Sinclair Community College were awarded the 2020 Innovation of the Year Award for their project, “Creating Big Pathways/Data Analytics for All” by the League for Innovation Conference.  This work was part of the NSF-funded project, Creating Pathways for Big Data Careers, which focused on developing and improving the data analytics program at Sinclair (and other partner community colleges) to reflect employer needs and create a pipeline from college to data careers.

The League highlighted the following about the program:

  • Sinclair is one of only four community colleges in the United States to offer programs in Data Analysis.
  • Students are involved in community service learning and community engagement with non-profit organizations.
  • Content within this program is used in other departments (UAS, Marketing, GIS, Healthcare).
  • Your innovation is highly replicable within other departments at the College.
  • An increase in enrollment; specifically, with female students.
  • You are mentoring other community colleges in the nation.
  • You are working with the National Science Foundation to develop mentoring opportunities with other institutions.

A big congratulations to Paul and Sinclair Community College!

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